Quod fuimus, estis, quod sumus, vos eritis…

TOWKSS, what a lovely creature you were. You were born eight months ago, almost to the day, and now you’re officially over. Beginning in an awkward email thread, you are now a jumble of damp boxes, a series of Ebay adverts (4-iron and a gramophone, anyone?) and a few flats stacked out in the rain.

TOWKSS’ earthly remains:


So, TOWKSS, what have you given us?

Amongst other things: the Mills Brothers on loop in all of our heads, collapsing wheelbarrows, the chance to work with some really amazing people, endless innuendo-induced hilarity, an appreciation for long-johns and lobster pots, a panoply of punishing hangovers… and a massive sense of pride and nostalgia.

Like any favourite child, you’ve had your moments. You’ve been immensely frustrating (the collection of wheelbarrow #3 and the Big Get-In Van Debacle were personal low points), but even when you lobbed obstacles at us (indiscriminately and determinedly as Henry firing flares), you were also, always, immensely rewarding.

But who needs to hear about how much we’ve loved this weird and wonderful play and the people working on it when you could be looking at pictures of get-out silliness instead. With that in mind…



Producer + pliers = terrifying…


Tom, lighting designer, surveys his boxed empire…



…and Vicki struggles to decide what to keep as a souvenir.

Stay tuned for a review of the reviews (we’re still waiting on the final few to emerge before we have our complete haul).

And, of course, hold onto your hats and the seats of your trousers for news of Three Streets’ next production..

About threestreetsproductions

At Three Streets Productions, we're passionate about new writing. We’re dedicated to working in collaboration with writers to nurture and develop unique, fresh and exciting theatre. We are excited by plays that push language in unexpected directions. We like plays that ask questions about the world in which we live. We also run workshops, scratch nights and rehearsed readings – watch this space for more details. If you’re a writer and you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Recent productions include Freefall: A Double Bill (New Wimbledon Studio), The Ones Who Kill Shooting Stars (White Bear Theatre) and The Bird Trap (Lost Theatre).
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1 Response to Quod fuimus, estis, quod sumus, vos eritis…

  1. Ruth says:

    …can we do it again please?!!!! Xxxx

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