Round-up of the FREEFALL reviews


****, The Good Review,

‘With similar themes of loss and repression running through [both plays] and both unravelling the past, these two plays sit well together despite each being very distinctive.’

‘There is a perfectly handled sense of reality as these characters are pulled between a lost brotherly affection and the event which has kept them apart. Moments of heartbreak are intermixed with humour keeping us on the edge of reconciliation. ‘

‘There are strong performances throughout both plays where the characters are being pulled apart whilst desperately trying to keep it together.’

****, Everything Theatre

Superb new writing, nuanced and heartrending performances from the entire cast.’

A perfect pairing of two plays exploring the themes of memory, grief and loss. Painful and wonderful to watch.’

‘Prestwich’s script is skilful in the way it teases us with titbits of information, slowly revealing the secrets of the past.’

‘Amnesia is a familiar plot device from many a soap opera, but never portrayed so heartbreakingly as it is here.’

‘I cannot remember the last time I felt so moved at the theatre. This double bill tugged at my heartstrings and made me want to hold my loved ones.’

Bargain Theatre,

‘I was gripped; not only by anticipation but by the sheer sense of realism encapsulating the entire production.’

“Kate allows the complex dialogue to roll off her tongue swiftly and easily, a stream of conscious so fast-paced that at times you can’t keep up with her. Far from a criticism, this skill really captures our minds, our hearts go out to her as we understand her confusion.

A thought-provoking two hours which reminds us that we all perhaps have a tendency to ‘freefall’ when life gets tough.”



About threestreetsproductions

At Three Streets Productions, we're passionate about new writing. We’re dedicated to working in collaboration with writers to nurture and develop unique, fresh and exciting theatre. We are excited by plays that push language in unexpected directions. We like plays that ask questions about the world in which we live. We also run workshops, scratch nights and rehearsed readings – watch this space for more details. If you’re a writer and you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Recent productions include Freefall: A Double Bill (New Wimbledon Studio), The Ones Who Kill Shooting Stars (White Bear Theatre) and The Bird Trap (Lost Theatre).
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