Reviews of Wallace Shawn’s The Fever

We brought Wallace Shawn’s The Fever to the Old Fire Station, Oxford, last week, and here are the reviews. Click on the links to read in full… 

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Stagetalk Magazine,, ****

‘Catrin Aaron is captivating as the narrator. She holds the audience rapt as her story (or is it a confession?) unfolds…’

‘You can hear Shawn in Aaron’s performance, perhaps distinctive because of the richness of the language and the hypnotic rhythm of the prose, but she is utterly convincing as a character, flowing from low-key calm poise to rage, from confusion to self-justification to self-disgust whilst never feeling like this is a showcase of her actorly range.’

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Daily Info, Oxford

‘Director Alice Malin gives you nowhere to hide. There’s just a chair and an actor, and the words. Catrin Aaron as the traveller – also with no hiding place in the intense space of The Old Fire Station – leads you completely into the delirious mind of her character. ‘

‘It’s a remarkable performance.’

‘First published in 1991, The Fever sadly has as much to say to us as it ever had. Three Streets, and Catrin Aaron in particular, have given it a compelling new voice.’

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At Three Streets Productions, we're passionate about new writing. We’re dedicated to working in collaboration with writers to nurture and develop unique, fresh and exciting theatre. We are excited by plays that push language in unexpected directions. We like plays that ask questions about the world in which we live. We also run workshops, scratch nights and rehearsed readings – watch this space for more details. If you’re a writer and you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Recent productions include Freefall: A Double Bill (New Wimbledon Studio), The Ones Who Kill Shooting Stars (White Bear Theatre) and The Bird Trap (Lost Theatre).
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